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Lords of War

Lords of War is a love song featuring finger picked guitar and a heartfelt banjo melody. After the first chorus, the snare enters, picking up the pace. PM Legrand's lead vocals intertwine with Helen Payne's backing vocals, mimicking the narrative of the couple, and creating a looping, rich choir of voices in the chorus. The video was filmed using over a hundred candles -- watch until the end for a cameo of the band's dog, Friday!

Freedom (Live at the Clifton Observatory)

Freedom was written in lockdown and is about all the privileges and liberties we take for granted. PM's lyrics talk about hoping any future children get the chance to experience the freedoms we've had as kids -- running around in the countryside, climbing on rocks on the beach, feeling the wind on your skin.

This track was recorded live at the Clifton Observatory in Bristol, and the video features drone footage swooping over the iconic suspension bridge.

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